Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 25 August 2023

Video: School Board Fires ‘Satan Worshipping’ Non-Binary Teacher

A teacher at an Illinois elementary school was fired by the board after conservative influencer Libs of TikTok pointed out that the ‘non-binary’ person was also a Satan worshipper and had a history of bipolar disorder with mania and psychosis.

The Homer Community Consolidated School District 33C took action after the teacher Kris Martin’s online posts promoting Satanism, as well as anti-police rhetoric were exposed.

District Superintendent Craig Schoppe wrote in an August 17 statement “As you may have heard or seen online, there has been some question and concern with regards to 33C hiring protocol and details surrounding the conditions of hire for new employees,” before announcing an investigation was underway.

Now Martin has been terminated, much to the delight of parents in attendance at the latest board meeting:

The question remains, why did this person get hired as an elementary school teacher in the first place?

And how many more are out there?

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