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Nearly Nine out of 10 Ulez Cameras Vandalised in Southeast London

Nearly nine out of 10 Ulez cameras have been vandalised in southeast London, according to an analysis of crowd-sourced data. The Mail has the story.

The data shows that only 29 cameras out of 185 in Sydenham are working, only four are intact in Bromley and just one is working on the A225.

Meanwhile images have been released of ‘blade runners’ stealing and vandalising the cameras.

From next week, the controversial scheme will cover all London boroughs and will force drivers of non-compliant vehicles to shell out £12.50 a day.

The pricey plans have been met with much resistance and armour plating is now being used to protect the cameras.

TfL is yet to share the location of the missing cameras, but Londoners have set up a Facebook group called ‘Ulez Camera Locations’, with the aim to “crowd-source” the information themselves.

Around 500 cameras appear to be marked as out of action, missing or damaged, according to a map the group have generated.

The data shows a high concentration of missing cameras in the southeast of the capital.

This includes 156 out of 185 cameras in the area south of Sydenham and Sidcup and 18 out of 22 in Bromley.

Only one camera is shown to be working on the A225.

Meanwhile only 20 have been hit in central London.

Activists have also put stickers over the cameras so that drivers aren’t caught out by the new rules.

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