Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 25 August 2023

Missing: Men with Testosterone (and a Back Bone)

There is a relentless attack on men (particularly white men) and masculinity since a few years as part of the greater agenda to completely change society into a dystopian hell hole. For eons it was part of the responsibility of men to protect and defend the weaker and stand up for what is right. During the Scamdemic there were very few men who stood up against the tyrannical impositions. Most meekly followed orders, complied with ridiculous mask mandates, social distancing, and worse, and took the shots. It’s a tyrant’s dream not to have to go up against strong willed opposition, such as men with a strong back bone. At the same time the tyrants have been suppressing the feminine for millennia and are now going as far as erasing women by letting biological men compete in women’s sport, use women’s locker rooms and toilets and sharing women only hospital wards.

What causes this meekness? Indoctrination to obey authority figures since early childhood certainly plays a role, but the lack of Testosterone will play a major role in the lack of inner and outer strength with which comes self-confidence.
Testosterone is responsible for muscle strength, sperm and red blood cell production, sex drive (libido), bone mass, facial hair and much more. On an emotional level, Testosterone plays a role in certain behavior such as aggression, dominance and competitiveness. Low Testosterone results in a loss of confidence and lack of motivation. It can also lower a man’s ability to concentrate or cause feelings of sadness. Low Testosterone can cause sleep disturbances and lack of energy, and can also result in erectile dysfunction (ED).

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