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The fight against ULEZ: Activists put stickers on ‘spy cameras’ so motorists aren’t caught out by Sadiq Khan’s new rules as Londoners resist expansion

Activists are putting stickers over Sadiq Khan‘s Ulez cameras, which have sprung up all over London to catch the drivers of vehicles that don’t meet strict emissions limits.

The black cameras have been covered with stickers bearing the words ‘FCUK Khan’ in protest against the London Mayor’s draconian expansion of the capital’s ultra-low emission zone.

In addition, posters put up on poles point up at the technology with the words ‘Spy camera’.

Other posters have been left on cars warning drivers of the charges being imposed on non-compliant vehicles.

It comes as plans to potentially block the ultra-low emission zone expansion coming into force across the whole of London next week have been shelved.

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The expansion is due to come into place next week, with drivers of the most polluting vehicles billed £12.50 a day for coming within a new Ulez boundary around London.

Cabinet ministers are said to have been exploring using a little-known legal power allowing them to overrule Mr Khan’s plans where they are inconsistent with national policies.

But Government lawyers have apparently said the challenge would fail in the courts, The Telegraph reported.

It means the controversial rollout of the Ulez expansion across the whole of London will go ahead as planned next Tuesday.

The little-known legal clause in the 1999 Greater London Authority Act states that a transport secretary can effectively block a decision by the London Mayor if it is ‘inconsistent with national properties relating to transport’ and if this would be ‘detrimental’ to anywhere outside Greater London.

But given the UK’s own policies on improving air pollution and cutting carbon emissions, lawyers have warned the Government that the move would most likely be quashed in court if challenged.

A Downing Street source said: ‘We have and continue to look at options, but they are limited. The people who could stop this tomorrow are the Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan and Sir Keir Starmer.’

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