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Secrets of choosing a moving company

A person who is faced with the problem of moving often falls into a state of panic. Not everyone is able to organize apartment, office, out-of-town, intercity moving on their own. This is what pushes us to look for professional movers, such as at

Unfortunately, most ads from allegedly professional movers posted on the Internet cannot be trusted. Today, almost every car owner  boldly calls himself a mover, although he has neither a special tool, nor packaging materials, nor sufficient knowledge and skills to provide services. In order not to run into amateurs, you should familiarize yourself with the main features of professional movers.

Nowadays, social networks rule the world, so let’s turn to them. Every self-respecting mover has an account in at least one of the popular social networks. If you could not find the company’s page, then you should doubt the quality of the services provided to it. However, just having an account on a social network is no longer enough. The page must be live. The client should be able to find photos and videos of the work performed, read customer reviews, get acquainted with useful information about moving. It is highly desirable that the information be “fresh”.

No less attention should be paid to customer reviews. Do not take the word of a company representative . All this must be documented. For example, photos, thank you letters. In addition, a professional mover is always ready to provide contacts of his clients. Call customers and ask how satisfied they were with the organization’s services. This can be called the main proof of the professionalism of the performers.

Next, let’s look at the price. Quality services cannot be cheap. A professional mover who has been working on the market for several years knows his worth. He will never resort to dumping technology to get ahead of his competitors. If you receive an offer from a company with record low prices, then you should be wary. Surely the specialists do not have a work permit or cannot guarantee the safety of the client’s property.

The next important parameter is having your own office. Each professional moving company should have an office where the terms of cooperation are discussed and contracts are signed. You can always contact the manager and resolve all issues. Amateurs take orders at home, so there is no guarantee that tomorrow they will not disappear with an advance payment made by another client.

As for the number of employees, a full-fledged moving company usually employs at least 6 managers and at least 6 teams of specialists.  This is necessary to respond quickly to customer requests and always stay in touch. Professionals always keep their own appraiser, logistician and dispatcher on staff, who interact well.

An additional advantage of a professional mover is the presence of its own vehicle fleet and a packaging materials store. This allows you to optimize the cost of services provided and guarantee a high quality of service.

Finally, it is impossible not to pay attention to the time the company has been on the market. If an organization exists for more than 2-3 years, it means that it has managed to enlist the support of regular customers and withstood the onslaught of competitors.

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