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Mississippi cop loses job over arrest, removal and jailing of 10-year-old boy Quantivious Eason who peed in car park while mother visited office nearby

A Mississippi cop is out of a job after police arrested and jailed a 10-year-old boy they found urinating in a car park.

Senatobia police faced a torrent of criticism for their heavy-handed treatment of young Quantivious Eason when pictures circulated of the shame-faced child in the back of a police car heading for jail.

Police chief Richard Chandler admitted an ‘error in judgement’ in hauling the boy off to jail to have a referral filed against for a ‘delinquent act’.

But as pressure mounted he has revealed that one officer involved is ‘no longer employed’, and other officers will be disciplined for ignoring the department’s policies and training.

‘We appreciate the public’s patience while we investigated this incident,’ he wrote on the department’s Facebook page.

‘We deeply value your trust and support, and we are dedicated to continually improving and learning from our mistakes.’

Mom, Latonya Eason, said the officer who caught her son interrupted her meeting to tell her what he had found and that he was going to let Quantivious off with a warning.

But she claims he had a change of heart when other cops came on the scene and a furious lieutenant demanded he be taken to the station and issued with a statute for being left unattended.

Eason told FOX 13 Memphis she went to the car park to find her son, explaining: ‘I was like, “Son, why did you do that?”’

Quantivious told her he decided to relieve himself after his sister – who was also in the car – told her that the legal office did not have a bathroom.

‘He said, “Mom, my sister said they don’t have a bathroom there,”‘ Eason told the outlet, adding how she at that point planned to discipline the child herself.

‘I was like, “You knew better, you should have come and asked me if they had a restroom,”‘ she recalled. She said that first, the then lone officer seemed to be on the same page.

‘He was like, “Since you handled it like a mom, then he could just get back in the car,”‘ she said of what the officer allegedly told her.

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