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Have Sridhar and Spring apologised yet?

On 9th June 2021 I made a video entitled ‘Lies on the BBC will Result in Children Dying’. Below you can read the transcript. I have repeatedly challenged vaccine supporters to a live, public debate about the covid fraud and the toxic covid-19 ‘vaccine’ on network television. Not surprisingly, no vaccine supporter has ever dared accept the challenge. But I can’t help wondering: have Sridhar and Spring apologised yet?

The medical establishment and the mainstream media continue to ignore and suppress the evidence which shows that the covid-19 ‘vaccine’ should have never been made available and should be withdrawn immediately. I have asked the official UK covid inquiry, currently being conducted at great expense, to look at the way the public was misled and valuable information was suppressed.

We will not know for some years how many people (including children) have been killed or injured by this toxic, experimental vaccine.

Please read the words below carefully and remember the words below when the vaccine enthusiasts start promoting more and more vaccines for children this autumn – including, no doubt, a flu vaccine.

TRANSCRIPT from 9th June 2021 or CLICK HERE to watch video

‘As you know, the BBC is the most dishonest, disreputable, unreliable media outlet in the history of the world. It’s ageist, sexist, bigoted, unpatriotic and as bent as a paperclip. Over the last year I have recorded a number of videos detailing their errors and distortions. One BBC presenter has even boasted that the BBC will not share the truth about vaccines – they deliberately suppress those who do tell the truth about vaccines and vaccination.

There is no secret about why the BBC is hiding the truth. The BBC has close links to the drug industry, the crooked, corrupt vaccine makers, and is, of course, desperate to keep its licence fee by sucking up to the government.

Now it seems that deceiving adults isn’t enough. The BBC is now deliberately lying to children.

On the 8th June 2021 the BBC ran an item headed ‘Pfizer vaccine for children – your questions answered’.

The BBC put questions to someone called Professor Devi Sridhar, who is apparently Chair of something called Global Public Health at the University of Edinburgh. They have to put the word global into it, don’t they? Presumably, to show their enthusiasm for Agenda 21. I’m surprised they haven’t got the word sustainable in there too.

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