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Transgenderism: Male Librarian Gags Woman for ‘Misgendering’

A librarian interrupted a female soccer player who was speaking at a forum at a library in Davis, California, and asked her to leave, claiming she was “misgendering people” while she was talking about saving women’s sports from male athletes.

Sophia Lorey, a former Vanguard University soccer player, was invited to a local library in Davis, California, over the weekend to participate in the “Forum On Fair And Safe Sport For Girls” to share her story about being a college athlete, according to a report by OutKick.

But while Lorey was introducing the topic of empowering and protecting girls’ sports and female athletes, she was quickly cut off by a member of the audience, who demanded to know, “Are you going to misgender people throughout the entire thing?”

As Lorey calmly requested that audience members wait until the end of her talk before asking questions, a librarian in the back of the room proclaimed, “California state law recognizes trans women as women.”

“They are protected under state law. Our policy talks about treating people with respect, and if you are misgendering somebody, that is not respectable,” the librarian added, which elicited clapping from other audience members.

Shortly after that, Lorey was able to continue with her remarks, but the moment was brief, as she was promptly interrupted, yet again, after she noted that “current 10-year-old girls cannot live out the same dream as long as men are allowed to compete in women’s sports.”

“You can’t do that,” one audience member stated, to which Lorey reacted by adjusting her language and saying “biological men” instead of simply “men.”

But that was not enough for the woke LGBTQ activists, including the librarian, who issued Lorey a “warning” and then asked her to leave moments later, stating that she was “misgendering” people.

After that, someone else took over the podium, demanding that Lorey leave while also ironically proclaiming to be an advocate of First Amendment rights.

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