Modern, Western societies were originally designed to stop anyone taking control. The legislative branch of government was kept separate from the other branches simply so that all the power would not be in the hands of the few. But the 1% has changed all that. Moreover, the 1% has achieved this position simply by manipulating the money and by using the money to control the politicians. I wonder how many people know, for example, that after the banking collapse of 2008, which started in the US and became global, it was American President Obama who decided not to prosecute any of the bankers who had created the crash. It was President Obama, a Democrat ostensibly representing the ordinary men and women of America, who defended the bankers, who insisted that the millions of people who lost their homes should not be bailed out and who arranged for bankers such as Goldman Sachs and J.P.Morgan to be bailed out with billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money. Furthermore, it was President Obama who allowed the bankers to use the bail-outs to give themselves huge bonuses. And yet the mass of people still revere Obama, the great betrayer, and regard him as a hero. The banks were presumably grateful and it is, of course, merely a coincidence that former President Obama became strangely wealthy after his term as President came to an end. (Taken from Their Terrifying Plan by Vernon Coleman)

  • A few Jews are again claiming that only Jews should play Jewish characters in films and that anything else is a form of anti-semitism. I wonder if they’ve thought this through. If only Jews can play Jews then, of course, only Christians can play Christian parts and only Muslim actors can play Muslim parts. This will be a form of discrimination and will encourage racism. And, of course, if producers remake Hannibal the Cannibal the casting director will have to find a cannibal to play the part. Serial killers will have to play serial killers. War criminals will have to be played by Tony Blair.
  • I am amused by people who complain that they have trouble with their Twitter or Facebook accounts. I have never been allowed to have one of these accounts. The only social media account I ever had was with Linked-In and that was removed without warning or explanation. Numerous publishers stopped producing my books and after the Royal Society of Arts had a couple of complaints, I was expelled for daring to tell the truth and, moreover, for daring to share truths which didn’t fit in with the beliefs of one or two other Fellows. I no longer give a damn about any of these things. I’m still a member of the Desperate Dan Pie Eaters’s Club and I will start to worry only when DD writes and throws me out, but it goes to show how desperate the opposition has been to suppress the truth and to isolate the truth-tellers. I rely entirely on other people sharing my work on their Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Here’s a quick tip for judging a film or book if you’re not sure whether it’s worth watching or reading. Look to see if there is a review from the Guardian quoted on the jacket. If the Guardian liked it then I can guarantee that whatever it is won’t be worth watching or reading. You can thank me for this valuable tip when you see me.
  • If you have two locks on a door leave one of them unlocked. Any burglar will spend for ever unlocking one of your locks and locking the other.

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