Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 23 August 2023

Mark of the Beast? Bill Gates Unveils National Digital ID Slave System

Globalist Bill Gates promoted a digital ID scheme he claims will serve as “an effective tool against poverty,” but his ideal “Mark of the Beast” social credit score system is being met with skepticism online.

In a post Monday to X (formerly Twitter), Gates claimed an open source digital ID platform developed in India “could change lives” and “dismantle barriers worldwide.”

“Proof of identity enables people to fully participate in the economy. It eases access to employment and education as well as services such as banking, government programs, and health care,” states a linked article from

“If a person cannot prove who they are, can they take advantage of all of the opportunities society has to offer?” the article asks, highlighting how digital ID systems allow people to access and interact with digital public infrastructure (DPI).

“Researchers say that DPI can help low- and middle-income countries leapfrog traditional stages of development, lift millions out of poverty, and spur economic growth,” the Gates Foundation claims.

Online, however, people pointed out Gates’ plan for a digital ID – eerily similar to the satanic “Mark of the Beast” system prophesied in the Holy Bible – would have the exact opposite effect, allowing people to be locked out of services if they’ve not complied with certain rules, taken certain actions, or met certain requirements.

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