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South Africa court orders covid vaccine contract to be made public and US court rules manufacturer and hospitals liable for Remdesivir injuries

Results of contaminated DNA in Pfizer’s covid injections have been replicated and confirmed.  This is just one of many dangers of injecting synthetic DNA into humans.

Vaccine victims of the first bout of covid injections is being ignored while corporate media ramps up the fear to get people to roll up for another round.  The corporate media hype from the UK and USA about a new covid variant has now infected corporate media in Germany.

A high court in South Africa orders the government to make covid “vaccine” contracts and related documents public.

Families of four people who died from covid are suing EcoHealth Alliance for funding and releasing a bioweapon known to be capable of causing

A judge ruled in Michigan that the manufacturer of remdesivir and the hospital that used it are not protected by law if a patient is injured by its use.

A true account of covid in Israel:  In the imaginary world of Haklai et al. nothing ever goes wrong, as far as covid is concerned. There is no misclassification of deaths, there are no biases that distorts estimates of vaccine effectiveness, and there are no deaths due to the disruption of normal life. Too bad their data provide evidence to the contrary.  Read more HERE.

The vax-gene files; have the regulators approved a trojan horse?  Kevin McKernan’s results – for the Pfizer covid “vaccine” – have now been independently verified by a number of internationally recognised laboratories confirming both the presence and levels of DNA contamination across different vials and batches.

Levels of DNA contamination in the Pfizer BNT162b2 product came in around 18-70 times over the limits set by regulatory authorities. These levels of contamination have also been confirmed independently. Subsequent experiments suggest that most of the DNA contamination is fragmented, which is by no means benign.

We have DNA, which is mostly packaged in LNP designed to travel all over the body and enter cells, delivering it’s genetic cargo like a trojan horse. Some of this DNA may contain the SV40 promoter sequence – the one known to make a beeline to the nucleus and turn on gene expression. McKernan states an obvious concern, “If (the SV40 promoter) becomes integrated into the genome it will turn on gene expression wherever it lands. If this happens to be an oncogene (a cancer-causing gene), you’ve got problems.”

This, dear reader, is only one of the many possible adverse effects from injecting synthetic DNA into humans.  Read more HERE.

Vaccine victims with no voice: While the pharma companies and medical authorities have profited from every dose of covid “vaccine,” the injections have injured countless people irreparably and destroyed the lives they knew.  The media will not give voice to these injured whose ranks grow daily.  Here we share some of their stories. Read more HERE.

Covid mRNA vaccine injury treatment: Curcumin (turmeric) blocks spike protein (combine it with bromelain), treats myocarditis, and has anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and anti-cancer properties. Dr. William Markis has written about mRNA vaccine treatments: NATTOKINASEQUERCETINN-Acetyl CYSTINE (NAC)OLIVE LEAFBLACK SEED/NIGELLA, BROMELAIN and 3-DAY FASTING.  Now he writes about curcumin.  Read more HERE.

Read More: SA court orders covid vaccine contract to be made public and US court rules manufacturer and hospitals liable for remdesivir injuries

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