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Official Guidelines Reveal Anti-White Racism of Sadiq Khan’s ‘Branding’ Campaign

A photograph of a young white family was said to not represent “real Londoners” by a member of Sadiq Khan’s staff. The Times has more.

The mayor of London has been urged to apologise after official guidelines said such a photo should not be used when promoting Khan or the Greater London Authority. The picture of a mother and father with their son and daughter beside the Thames, appeared in Look Book – Mayor of London Brand Guidelines that was published on the official City Hall website. It was captioned: “Doesn’t represent real Londoners.”

The guidelines give advice on showing the mayor in the best light and say official photos “should reflect a recognisable, real and diverse London”.

The document was taken down after its contents were highlighted in the Mail on Sunday.

An official for the mayor said: “The photo caption was added by a staff member in error and doesn’t reflect the view of the mayor or the Greater London Authority. The document . . . is being reviewed to ensure the language and guidance is appropriate.”

Susan Hall, the Tory candidate to be mayor, called for an apology. She said: “All Londoners are real Londoners, no matter their ethnicity, and Sadiq Khan needs to apologise and stop these desperate, politically motivated attempts to divide people.”

The 2021 census showed London was the most ethnically diverse region of Britain with 46.2 per cent of residents identifying with Asian, black, mixed or “other” ethnic groups. White British residents accounted for 36.8 per cent of the population, with a further 17 per cent saying they were white ethnic minorities.

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