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Menstruation Isn’t Just a Women’s Issue, Say Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats are to discuss a policy highlighting the impact of menstruation on trans and non-binary individuals, pushing for accessible period products and inclusive menstrual education. The Telegraph has the story.

Menstruation is “not just a women’s issue”, Liberal Democrat activists have said in a motion chosen to be debated at their party conference next month.

Sir Ed Davey’s party will vote on a policy proposal that insists period poverty is an issue that affects “some trans and non-binary people” in addition to biological women.

An agenda published by the Liberal Democrats for their annual gathering in Bournemouth includes a motion on period poverty which is to be debated on September 23rd.

The document states: “Conference notes that… menstruation is not just a women’s issue, and also affects some trans and non-binary people.

“Conference believes that period products are a human right, not a luxury; nobody should experience period poverty; England’s current free period product provision is not fit for purpose; [and] it is in everyone’s interests for stigma around periods to be addressed.”

The motion proceeds to call on the Government to introduce a right for people to access a choice of free period products, place a duty on councils and schools to make period products freely available and introduce “comprehensive education on periods… to ensure an appreciation for the lived experience of menstruation”. …

In a webpage on the Liberal Democrat website entitled ‘transphobia’, the party reiterates its support for people being able to self-identify as their preferred gender without a medical certificate.

“Trans people may describe themselves using one or more of a variety of terms. Trans people are not required to have undergone any medical or social transition to be considered trans,” it says.

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