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Dozens of Channel migrants including toddlers and young children are brought ashore by Coastguard in Dungeness – after it emerged more than 25,000 have arrived in Britain in small boats since Rishi Sunak became PM (but that’s a fraction of how many will arrive under Starmer)

Police searched queues of migrants including children and toddlers wrapped in blankets who arrived at Dungeness beach as up to 600 migrants crossed the Channel in a day.

Up to 39 people arrived in Dungeness on the Romney Marsh after being intercepted in the Channel in thick fog by the Coastguard, taking the total crossing this year to over 18,000.

Four children wrapped in blankets and four women were among the group who were brought onto the beach before being met by immigration officials.

Onlookers say as many as 600 people have been picked up at from dinghies throughout the day although the figures are yet to be confirmed.

It comes after it was revealed that more than 25,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Britain in small boats since Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister.

Many of the migrants can be seen smiling after they were searched and allowed to board the coach provided by the Home Office.

Earlier today, more asylum seekers arrived at the Port of Dover. The Border Force vessel Hurricane brought at least one group ashore at the port.

Today is the sixth consecutive day the migrants have arrived with 1,167 known to have crossed since August 16.

It comes just nine days since six Afghan men drowned after their dinghy capsized off Sangatte on the French coast.

A total of 17,956 people have made the crossing so far this year in 377 boats, according to official government figures. But today arrivals have yet to be confirmed.

August has seen 3,224 migrants intercepted in 60 boats so far. 467 people made the crossing this weekend – 130 were detected on Saturday and 337 on Sunday.

Last year saw a record 45,755 people cross the Channel – compared to 28,526 in 2021.

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