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Biden Admin Already Buying ‘COVID’ And Hiring Pandemic ‘Safety Protocol’ Enforcers

The federal government has already begun purchasing COVID-19 equipment and hiring advisors on “safety protocols” according to an exclusive finding from War Room.

The discovery comes on the heels of Alex Jones’ bombshell report that the feds are gearing up for new COVID restrictions in the fall.

Journalist Natalie Winters breaks down her findings below:

The unearthed government contracts from entities including the Department of Defense (DOD) show millions in taxpayer funds being used to purchase COVID-19 equipment such as test kits. Some of the contracts, which are traceable via the federal government’s spending database, are even scheduled to begin in future months such as September and October.

The DOD, for example, gave Hologic Sales and Service LLC a $1.5 million contract beginning on October 1st that’s set to conclude in May of 2024. The federal database reveals the funds are for “Hologic covid testing services in support of the department of pathology at Madigan army medical center, Tacoma, WA 98431. (new delivery order).”

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) also inked a $2 million contract with Abbott Molecular Inc. beginning on September 22nd. Set to conclude in September of 2024, the contract will provide testing services for viruses including COVID-19.The VA also started a $1.3 million contract with Biofire Diagnostics LLC on August 18th for its “COVID-19 testing reagents and equipment.” The contract is slated to expire in August of next year.

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