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YouTube Boosts Its Censorship Campaign

YouTube has created a new framework to crack down on so-called “medical misinformation” and boost its censorship campaign on the platform. The quick slide into dystopia is getting quicker.

YouTube has been known to ban and censor channels that tread too far from the official narrative.

YouTube Gives Itself “Free Expression” Award Then Brags About Censoring Dissent

“In the years since we began our efforts to make YouTube a destination for high-quality health content, we’ve learned critical lessons about developing Community Guidelines in line with local and global health authority guidance on topics that pose serious real-world risks, such as misinformation on [Wuhan coronavirus] COVID-19, vaccines, reproductive health, harmful substances and more,” reads a blog post written by YouTube. “We’re taking what we’ve learned so far about the most effective ways to tackle medical misinformation to simplify our approach for creators, viewers, and partners.”

YouTube Hides ‘Dislikes’ Following Mass Downvoting of Biden Administration Videos

According to Natural News, YouTube’s new policy will streamline its existing policy into three distinct categories, which would make it easier in the long term for the platform to suppress medical information. The three types of so-called medical misinformation that will be censored are “Prevention, Treatment, and Denial.”

“To determine if a condition, treatment or substance is in scope of our medical misinformation policies, we’ll evaluate whether it’s associated with a high public health risk, publicly available guidance from health authorities around the world, and whether it’s generally prone to misinformation,” reads YouTube’s blog post.

Kind of like they did with ivermectin, right? After insulting, banning, and censoring those who dared to say it could help with treatments of COVID-19, the Food and Drug Administration finally admitted that the “conspiracy theorists” were correct.

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