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Transgenderism Has ‘Parasitized People’s Emotions,’ Says Expert

Alasdair Gunn, vice director of advocacy Genspect, warns that the gender industry has “parasitized” people’s emotions by pushing the transgender agenda, including hyping up claims about suicidality risk among people who feel different about their sex.

In an interview with Jan Jekielek on the August 17 episode of “American Thought Leaders,” Mr. Gunn suggested that even though the gender industry presents itself as some sort of social welfare group, it is purely a business exploiting people’s feelings. “They say their little messages about they’re saving trans lives, and they put little hearts and unicorns and rainbows. The surgeons aren’t charity workers, they’re being paid. The people who hold the stocks and shares … they’re not doing it out of the goodness of their [hearts]. This is an industry. And I think that it’s an abnormal industry,” he said.

“It’s an industry which has managed to rig all sorts of quite deeply emotional things in order to serve itself by bringing statutes of limitations down to absurdly short lengths so that if you regret your surgery after three years, in some states in the United States, it’s too late. Three years. So, you’ve got the rest of your life with a body part that you don’t want.”

“So, it’s parasitized people’s emotions.”

Mr. Gunn’s Genspect is an organization seeking to broaden treatment options available for people questioning their gender beyond just “gender-affirming care.”

He brought attention to the suicide angle of the transition agenda. Some people claim that children who feel they belong to a different gender but do not transition could be at a higher risk of suicide.

Mr. Gunn pointed out that there is a “script” used to push young people into the path of gender transitioning. Youngsters receive the “script” from their friends, he claimed.

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