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U.S. Retailer Target Sees Plunge in Sales After Boycott Following Introduction of LGBT+ Merch to ‘Celebrate Pride Month’

U.S. retail giant Target’s decision to stock controversial Pride merchandise has come back to haunt them, resulting in a plunge in their revenue figures. The Telegraph has the story.

The Minneapolis-based company posted a 5% drop in sales to $24.8 billion (£19.5 billion) in the second quarter – its first decline in six years.

It comes after Target was hit by a backlash over its range of products to support the LGBT+ community, in particular its displays of merchandise to celebrate Pride month.

The retail chain faced criticism and homophobic abuse led by far-Right personalities over products including gender fluid mugs, Queer All Year calendars and children’s books entitled Bye, Bye Binary, Pride 1,2,3 and I’m Not a Girl.

Other ranges included a collaboration with British transgender designer Erik Carnell’s brand, Abprallen, which has been criticised for making clothes with images of pentagrams, horned skulls and other Satanic products.

Target eventually removed some products from its 2,000-strong Pride collection citing staff safety after an increase in confrontations between customers and employees and damage to displays.

The decision prompted further outcry from Target employees who celebrate Pride.

Target bosses have said they cannot pin down exactly how much of an impact the boycott had on sales, but that trading improved in July from June.

Brian Cornell, Chief Executive of Target, said the company had learned from the backlash and would be more cautious about its merchandise offering for “heritage” months, which celebrate various ethnic and marginalised groups.

He told reporters: “We’ll continue to celebrate Pride and other heritage moments, which are just one part of our commitment to support diverse teams and guests.

“However, as we navigate an ever changing operating and social environment, we’re applying what we’ve learned to ensure we’re staying close to our guests and their expectations of Target.”

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