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Playboy bunny creates world’s first AI model based on younger self to relive glory days, reveals ‘men love’ her digital persona that has been featured on magazine covers across the globe

She has long blonde hair, blue eyes and curves, but the stunning model on the magazine cover was generated by artificial intelligence. spoke to the creator of Gina Stewart, who became the world’s first AImodel after landing a contract with a German-based modeling agency in May.

While men have designed many AI influencers, Gina was created by a woman who is a Playboy model – and she made the persona based on her own proportions and style. However, her AI model is 28, and she is 52.

‘The funny thing is the men love it,’ the creator, also named Gina, told ‘The AI models are glamorous, beautiful and desirable, like Playboy models of the 90s.

‘I guess it’s a similar concept to superheroes; everyone loves and has a favorite superhero, they go to the movies to watch, admire and obsess over them.

‘They want to be them, but they are not real. It’s a fantasy and an escape from reality.’

‘I look after myself with a mixture of yoga, light weights, meditation, and I believe testing for nutrition deficiency and supplementation,’ she said.

‘At 52, I don’t have one gray hair on my head.’

Gina, known as the ‘world’s hottest grandma,’ shot to stardom on OnlyFans, but took her talents to Playboy in March after the UK-based subscription service had become too ‘smutty’ for her taste.

And shortly after, AI Gina was created.

‘While traveling this summer in the US, I took a break from taking photos on social media,’ said Gina.

‘I was getting tired of setting up shots, hair, nails, makeup, clothing etc and all the time it takes from my day and the stress involved. I thought there must be a better way to work this if I needed a break.’

And this was the moment 28-year-old Gina from California was born.

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