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‘If you want to call that a cover up, then that’s a cover up’: Doctor who raised the alarm over Lucy Letby accuses NHS trust of ‘engineering narrative’ to avoid police action – after TV doctor Dr Ravi Jayaram says he was ordered to apologise to monster

The lead consultant on Lucy Letby‘s neo-natal ward last night accused hospital bosses of launching a ‘cover up’ in a bid to hide the killer’s evil actions from police after he, TV’s Dr Ravi Jayaram and five other doctors were forced to apologise to her.

Lucy Letby became the UK’s most prolific child serial killer on Friday after being convicted of seven murders of helpless babies along with the attempted murders of six more.

Stephen Brearey accused managers at the NHS trust behind the Countess of Chester Hospital of ‘engineering the narrative’ to prevent police finding out about suspicious deaths in an emotional interview with the BBC‘s Panorama.

When asked whether bosses at the hospital actively ‘covered up’ the deaths on the unit, Dr Brearey said: ‘I don’t know how you define a cover up but to us the evidence in front of us was quite clear, it felt like they’d tried to engineer a narrative, some way out of this which didn’t involve police.

‘If you want to call that a cover up, then that’s a cover up.’

Dr Brearey told how he first began to have suspicions around the sudden deaths and collapses of infants in late 2015.

‘It’s something that nobody really wants to consider that a member of staff might be harming the babies under your care,’ he said.

‘Some of the babies didn’t respond to resuscitation quite how we would have expected them to. And those babies you’d get a heart rate back and their breathing would get better but that didn’t happen in these cases like you’d expect which was unusual.

‘It was quite surreal because we had these concerns as a group our concerns were rising. There was no communication from senior managers in the trust.’

Dr Brearey repeatedly begged senior managers to take Letby off the ward after he noticed that she was working at all the times babies became ill.

But he claimed managers, instead of listening to their concerns, demanded he and the other consultants apologise to Letby, and threatened them with ‘consequences’ if they did not put the incident behind them.

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