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Ramaswamy Gives ‘LGBTQ+ Reporter’ A Reality Check

When a ‘LGBTQ+’ reporter confronted Vivek Ramaswamy, demanding to know his views on the “LGBTQ+ community,” the Republican presidential candidate provided a stark reality check.

Ramaswamy told the person that he doesn’t “think it’s one community,” explaining that as far as he can tell “Trans is fundamentally in tension with gay, if you ask me.”

The person then attempted to get Ramaswamy to say something negative about same sex couples, to which he responded that he only has a “negative view of the tyranny of the minority.”

“I don’t think that somebody who is religious should be forced to officiate a wedding that they disagree with,” he stated, adding “I don’t think somebody who is a woman who has worked really hard for her achievements should compete against a biological man in a swim competition.”

Ramaswamy continued, “I don’t think somebody who is a woman, that respects her bodily autonomy and dignity should be forced to change clothes in a locker room with a man.”

“That is not freedom, that’s oppression,” he urged.

Ramaswamy also asserted that while adults can do as they please “do not foist that ideology onto children before children are in a position to make decisions for themselves.”

The candidate said many Americans are tired of being subjected to this “new culture of oppression.”

“Part of what makes our country great is that you and I can be civil and have this conversation and that we live in a country that gives each of us a right to speak to a presidential candidate and back,” Ramaswamy told the person.

He followed up during an interview on Fox News:

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