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CIA SUED for working with the Biden campaign to produce ‘Dirty 51’ intel letter calling Hunter’s laptop disinformation

The CIA has been sued for its role in helping to craft a letter from 51 intelligence officials discrediting Hunter Biden‘s laptop as Russian disinformation.

The letter that was signed by 51 intel officials in 2020 immediately before the presidential election falsely claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop had all the ‘classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.’

A Republican report released in May showed that the CIA was actively involved in getting signatures for the letter which ‘was a political operation to help elect’ Joe Biden in November 2020.

Government watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit Thursday after it failed to receive requested documents from the agency regarding the internal crafting of the letter.

The GOP report alleges that a CIA employee ‘may have helped in the effort to solicit signatures for the statement’ and accuses former Deputy CIA director and Acting CIA Director Mike Morell and the Biden campaign of conspiring to quickly get the letter approved.

One signer of the statement, former CIA analyst David Cariens, ‘disclosed to the Committees that a CIA employee affiliated with the agency’s Prepublication Classification Review Board (PCRB) informed him of the existence of the statement and asked if he would sign it,’ the House investigative report notes.

The CIA employee allegedly ‘asked’ Cariens if he would sign the statement, to which he agreed.

‘The Committees have requested additional material from the CIA, which has ignored the request to date,’ the report continues.

On October 19, 2020, Morell allegedly sent the CIA the final version of the letter to the Prepublication Classification Review for review and called it a ‘rush job’ so it could be approved.

The new report also revealed that former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper provided editorial advice to ‘strengthen the verbiage.’

On October 18, emails included in the report show Clapper emailing Morrell his intention to sign onto the letter.

He also offered a key phrase to include, writing: ‘I have one editorial suggestion for the letter: I think it would strengthen the verbiage if you say this has all the classic earmarks of a Soviet/Russian information operation rather than the ‘feel’ of a Russian operation.

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