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Liverpool sold out for David Icke’s Secret Tour event and other venues going fast

Follow us down the rabbit hole for an unparalleled experience with David Icke, ‘The Secret Tour’
David Icke is a British author, public speaker, conspiracy and reality researcher, and former footballer. He has gained a massive global following for his controversial views on a wide range of topics.

Icke started his career as a professional footballer, playing for several clubs. After retiring from football in 1973, he became a newspaper and radio journalist and a sports presenter with the BBC.

In the 1990s, Icke’s views began to shift towards more esoteric and conspiracy research. Conspiracy to some, reality for others, and so much of what he has said has turned out to be true. But what caused Icke’s big awakening? Hear from David himself what set him on his journey to truth and discovery.

Despite the controversy surrounding his views, Icke has a large following of supporters who believe in his message of awakening and spiritual evolution. Writing over 25 books in the process, Icke continues to share his perspective on topics, from the New World Order and the global elite, to the nature of reality and life after our human experience.

An evening with David Icke offers guests an opportunity to put forward your questions for one of the most controversial individuals in the world today. Whether you agree or disagree with his views, this event is unmissable for anyone with an interest in politics, society, reality, and alternative thinking.

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Sat 2nd September 6:00 PM in Belfast

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Fri 8th September 6:00 PM in Plymouth

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Sat 9th September 6:00 PM in Liverpool City

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Fri 10th November 6:00 PM in Glasgow City

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Fri 15th September 6:00 PM in Chatham, Kent

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Fri 22nd September 6:00 PM in Cardiff

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Sat 23rd September 6:00 PM in Kingston

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Fri 27 October 6:00 PM in Luton

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Fri 29th September 6:00 PM in Leeds Town

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Thu 30th November 6:00 PM in Middlesborough Town

Book Here: David Icke – ‘The Secret Tour’ – across England (plus Belfast and Cardiff) starting this September

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