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Epstein Named As Middleman Connecting Obama White House Lawyer & JPMorgan

Court documents released by the Southern District Of New York on Tuesday revealed disgraced elitist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein connected Obama White House attorney Kathryn Ruemmler with JPMorgan Chase employees in 2019.

Epstein’s financial assistant reached out to the bank and recommended Ruemmler as a client, which the bank accepted despite having previously cut Epstein himself off as a client due to “red flags.”

Ruemmler has since moved on to become general counsel of Goldman Sachs after being Obama’s longest-serving White House general counsel.

The report comes in response to a lawsuit by the U.S. Virgin Islands government against JPMorgan for allegedly helping Epstein with the sex trafficking of young women to the Virgin Islands.

The court documents accuse JPMorgan of processing several wire payments from Epstein to several women and suggest the bank didn’t properly look into the Democrat insider’s suspicious background.

Just last month, the bank settled a lawsuit in the Southern District of New York where Epstein accusers received $290 million from the financial institution as it had turned a blind eye when it came to the billionaire’s sexual abuse.

Meanwhile, JPMorgan’s defense is claiming the U.S. Virgin Islands government had a helping hand in Epstein’s trafficking network.

According to the lawsuit, the well-connected financier gave high-ranking Virgin Islands government officials money and favors in exchange for immunity.

The Attorney General of the Virgin Islands, Denise George, testified under oath after being suddenly fired in December 2022 that Epstein had “political influence over or with the Governor” of the Caribbean territory.

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