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Dr. Pierre Kory: Why We Wrote the USA Today Op-ed on Excess Deaths — and Why We Never Mentioned ‘Vaccines’

In an interview with The Defender, Dr. Pierre Kory said he and his co-author of the USA Today op-ed on excess deaths among young people believe “a concerted investigation is in order.”

In an op-ed published this month in USA Today, Dr. Pierre Kory and journalist Mary Beth Pfeifferasked, “Why aren’t we searching for answers?” to the question of why so many young people are dying.

Kory, president and chief medical officer of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), and Pfeiffer cited insurance industry data showing a “stunning” 34% more working people, ages 35 to 44, died than expected in the last quarter of 2022, with above-average rates in other working-age groups, too.

The authors drew much of their data on excess deaths from a May report by the Society of Actuaries Research Institute, which concluded, “COVID-19 claims do not fully explain the increase.”

According to Kory and Pfeiffer:

“No one knows precisely what is driving the phenomenon, but there is an inexplicable lack of urgency to find out. A concerted investigation is in order.”

The authors made no mention of COVID-19 vaccines as a possible cause for the rise in deaths.

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Kory, a pulmonary and critical care specialist and outspoken critic of the vaccines, explained the absence along with his reasons for writing the op-ed:

“When you see what happened in the youngest age groups, it’s absolutely terrifying. … In general, a stable society has a certain percentage of people dying every month, every year, every day. Those rates are stable over time.

“When you see more people dying than the baseline, it’s considered excess mortality. It’s an increase in the amount of people dying within a population.”

In a Substack post, Kory credited Pfeiffer, whom he described as a “fearless and indefatigable investigative journalist,” with the idea for writing the op-ed. Their intent was to raise awareness of an issue they believe is overlooked in public discourse.

“The massive number of post-pandemic deaths has managed to interest only a cadre of data specialists, scientists, physicians and journalists who believe mistakes were made in pandemic management,” Kory wrote. “But why, we ask, has this issue engendered a deafening silence rather than urgently needed, high-level investigation?”

The elephant in the room, according to Kory, is the COVID-19 vaccines. But they couldn’t mention the vaccines by name in the op-ed because, Kory said, otherwise “it would never have been published.”

“We just wanted to bring the question of excess deaths to the forefront,” Kory said. “We didn’t want to try to answer the question. We just wanted to try to ask the question.” He said the fact that a mainstream publication published it “might be a game-changer.”

Although the authors didn’t use the word “vaccine” in the USA Today op-ed, “There is only one explanation for the timing, magnitude and demographics of the deaths,” Kory wrote on Substack.

Kory told The Defender, “You’re left with the question, what could have caused a sudden massive increase in death amongst healthy Americans?”

As for all the other suggested explanations, Kory said:

“You could think of really stupid things like global warming. I don’t think global warming started in the third quarter of 2021 … You could talk about insecticides or environmental toxins. I don’t know that anything was released suddenly in 2021.

“You could think about wartime mobilization. I don’t think we’ve been drafted to Ukraine yet, where our young people are dying on the front lines of Ukraine.”

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