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Cult-Owned Psychopath Gates Promotes ‘Net Zero’ as Climate Fix — Critics Call It a ‘Financial Scam’ (Oh, it’s much more than that)

In an interview with The Defender, environmental activist and food sovereignty advocate Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., said the growing “net zero” movement promoted by Bill Gates and other globalists is a scam allowing polluters to buy credits instead of reducing emissions, enabling land grabs and corporate control.

Bill Gates is known as one of the world’s leading proponents of “net zero.” The tech billionaire said that reaching “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050 will be “the most difficult challenge humanity has ever taken on” and “the most amazing thing humanity has ever done.”

Shifting the world’s greenhouse gas emissions from today’s 52 billion tons to net zero over the next three decades, according to Gates, means “we need to find better ways to do pretty much everything” from the “food we eat” to the “buildings we live in,” because “[v]irtually every human activity produces greenhouse gas emissions.”

But when Gates refers to “net zero,” he does not mean actual zero, as in no emissions.

Adding the word “net” into the equation for redoing “virtually every human activity” substantially changes the meaning of “zero.”

And Gates has helped convince most countries of the world to add that small, poorly understood, seemingly harmless word “net” into their climate change pledges.

So what, exactly, does net zero emissions mean to Gates and others who share his ambitions?

Ecological activist Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., told The Defender:

“‘Net zero,’ as Bill Gates admits in his book, ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,’ is not about polluters stopping their pollution. It is about polluters getting new profits by creating new markets for fake techno-fixes like geoengineering and fake food, and new forms of land grab through ‘carbon offsets.’

“Net zero is a financial scam like the subprime crisis of 2008, which led to the collapse of Wall Street and entire economies.”

The future implications of net zero are far-reaching. The worldwide push for net zero has turned “carbon credits” into globally traded financial instruments, giving big corporations and billionaires a kind of “license to pollute.”

The global “carbon market” has established new ways for economic elites to grab land, profit from dubious technologies and attempt to corner the market on literally any activity that produces carbon, potentially encompassing “virtually every human activity,” in Gates’ words.

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