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Germany: Man Thrown Onto Tracks as Attacks at Train Stations Surge

A man narrowly escaped being hit by a train after a “black” suspect shoved him onto the tracks amid a surge of violent crime at transit stations across Germany, according to authorities.

The latest incident of its kind unfolded just before 4 a.m. on Saturday in Hamburg.

Two males in their 20s were engaged in a dispute at the Dehnhaide underground station when one of the men pushed the other onto the track bed just moments before the arrival of a train.

“He managed to get onto the platform just in time before an underground train was arriving. He was unharmed,” police explained in a press release.

The suspect, who fled the scene, is described as a “black” male in his early 20s, indicating he may have a migration background, as is often the case in attacks at train stations in Germany and Western Europe.

An investigation into attempted homicide is ongoing.

According to a new internal government report obtained by BILD, violent crime at railway facilities has exploded since the onset of the COVID crisis and related lockdowns and changes in policing protocols.

“In this paper, the federal police summarized in detail how dangerous it is now at German train stations: compared to 2019, there were 28.4 percent MORE acts of violence. Compared to 2021 – when there were significantly fewer train passengers due to Corona – the increase is even 38.6 percent. Recently, there were more than two such crimes per hour!” the paper reports.

More than 5,450 people were victims of threats or violence on trains or at stations in Germany in 2022 alone.

Physical injuries are up 22 percent since 2019 and nearly half of all suspects from the same period are non-German.

“The use of knives and other dangerous objects represents an increasing problem area in the overall assessment,” the report states, with crimes involving knives up nearly 45 percent and ‘dangerous tools’ up more than 80 percent.

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