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Colonialism Is to Blame for the ‘Gender Binary’, NHS Staff Are Told, Amidst Deluge of Woke Gobbledegook

NHS hospital policies stating that colonialism is responsible for the traditional male-female divide have sparked alarm and prompted calls for a thorough review of current gender guidelines and the way biological sex is recognised. The revelations are part of the Mail’s continuing investigation into gender ideology within the NHS. Here’s an excerpt:

Colonialism is to blame for imposing the male-female divide on society, NHS staff are being told in official hospital policies.

Health trust documents obtained by the Daily Mail also state that adults who take hormone therapy are going through puberty, and that men who identify as women can be lesbians.

The contentious claims have added to calls for an urgent review of all NHS guidance on gender issues.

An investigation by the Mail has already revealed that people who only occasionally present as women are allowed into female-only wards, midwives are being warned they can harm trans parents by describing them as mothers, and 999 operators have been told to ask for emergency callers’ pronouns rather than risk misgendering them.

Tory MP Miriam Cates, who is a former science teacher, said: “It is a travesty that so many NHS trusts are now engaged in divisive political activism and are promoting extremist political views about gender theory – views that have no basis in reality and are a threat to the safety of women.

“It is indefensible for our National Health Service to deny the reality of biological sex, and it undermines public trust in the whole medical establishment.

“Those within the NHS who are pushing this destructive agenda are failing in their duty of care and must be held to account.”

Lottie Moore, Head of Biology Matters at the Policy Exchange think-tank, said: “The NHS should not be rewriting biology textbooks and presenting them as fact.

“These claims are not scientific and should not be presented to patients as such.

“Gender identity beliefs are simply beliefs, and the NHS must understand this.”

Analysis by this newspaper of dozens of NHS hospital trust policies found that in addition to advice on how to handle staff transitioning and care for transgender patients, they commonly state controversial gender theories as fact.

Many avoid saying that humans are born male or female, and instead assert that doctors simply ‘assign’ a sex to babies.

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