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Machete-Wielding Migrants Attack Train Passengers in Italy

A gang of African thieves were arrested after they attacked passengers with machetes aboard a train in Italy, according to reports. 

The shocking incident unfolded in the province of Lecco in July, but authorities just released surveillance footage amid an ongoing investigation.

In the video, a man wielding a large blade and his comrades can be seen terrorizing victims in train cars on a Milan-Lecco line.

At one point, the suspect chased a boy into a bathroom, using the machete to pry the door open as the victim tried to hide inside.

“The railway police officers, who arrived at the railway station of Olgiate Molgora where, in the meantime, the train had been stopped, ascertained, also with the help of the Carabinieri of Merate and Brivio, that the two non-EU citizens had just robbed a minor, causing him injuries to his face with a large knife,” Today reports.

Two suspects were apprehended at the scene. They were identified as 22 and 25-year-old men from the Central African Republic.

In the following weeks, two more foreign suspects were apprehended in connection with the train robberies.

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