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Healing Vaccine Injury and More on an Energetic Level

In this post I want to introduce you to Melanie Straub in Bern, Switzerland. She has been doing Pranic healing on myself and many other clients for a while now.  She brought me back to myself after my experience with spiritual disconnection when I was exposed to a freshly vaccinated massage therapist as I wrote in my last post.

MELANIE: Anita, thank you so much for your invitation. I’m very grateful and happy to have the opportunity to answer your questions about Pranic Healing in terms of spirituality. And there’s much more that Pranic Healing has to offer. It was a pleasure to support you to get you back to yourself.

ANITA: In a few words, what is Pranic Healing?

MELANIE: First, what is Prana? Some may have heard about Chi in the Chinese tradition. It means Life force. Everything is energy: it’s the 4th state of matter after solid, liquid and gas. Pranic Healing is a non- touch modality and it works in the aura and in the energy body and its centers. Imagine a system of pipes throughout the whole body with small motors in it that put in good Prana and distribute it in the whole body so it works properly. Also, it transports old energies out of the system. Each energy center or motor has its unique mission physically and also emotionally: to support organs, blood flow, behavior and mood. Chakras can become affected. They don’t work well if there’s old, diseased or depleted energies in them. It’s like you have water running through a hose that is dirty and clogged. Through the technique of Pranic Healing, blockages and imbalances can be removed, filled with fresh energy and so the body will have the chance to go into self-healing mode to restore and recover itself. It’s a wonderful supportive technique.

ANITA : What is the basis of Pranic Healing ?

MELANIE: Pranic Healing utilizes the basic principle that every living being has the ability to heal itself.

With the help of the techniques developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui over 30 years ago, healing processes can be supported and accelerated.

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