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Governments are not complying with WHO so Gates-owned Tedros the Terrorist announces new ‘Covid’ diktats for countries to follow

Last week, in a nondescript, seemingly windowless, room that appeared to be more like a bunker than a press briefing room, the hopeful World Health Dictators held a media briefing on global health issues.  The Dictators issued “standing recommendations for covid” and announced similar was soon to follow for Mpox, which was previously known as Monkeypox.

We are naming some of those present at the briefing as they are involved; it has been more than three years since the rollout of the crimes against humanity began, and none of them can claim to be innocent:

  • Dictator General Tedros the Terrorist;
  • Professor Preben Aavitsland, from the Department of global public health and Primary Health Care at the University of Bergen in Norway, is chair of WHO’s advisory committee that recommends the “standing recommendations.”
  • Dr. Mike Ryan, an Irish epidemiologist, is Executive Dictator for emergency planning;
  • Dr. Sylvie Briand, from the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, is the Dictator of epidemic and pandemic preparedness and prevention;
  • Dr. Maria van Kerkhove, a modeller and an honorary lecturer at Imperial College London, is covid-19 technical lead.

Tedros the Terrorist began by threatening the world with covid: “Three months ago I declared an end to covid-19 as a global Health Emergency although I said that it remains a global health threat.”  He said the number of cases, hospitalisation and deaths had declined but only because fewer countries were submitting data to WHO. “In the past month only 25 per cent of countries and territories have reported covid-19 deaths to WHO and only 11 per cent have reported hospitalisations and ICU admissions,” he said.

We have to wonder which countries make up the 25 per cent that are still complying with the demands of unelected officials from WHO, a non-governmental organisation that has proved itself to be a sham. Tedros doesn’t say.

“WHO is currently tracking several variants,” Tedros the Terrorist announced, “including EG.5 for which we are publishing a risk evaluation, today.  The risk remains of a more dangerous variant emerging that could cause a sudden increase in cases and deaths.”

Then Tedros attempted to shift the blame onto others: “When I declared an end to the covid-19 emergency in May I announced that I was establishing a Review Committee to advise me on standing recommendations to support countries to manage covid-19 in the long term. Today, on the advice of the committee, I’m issuing standing recommendations for countries in seven major areas.  This recommendation reinforces the advice WHO has provided to countries in its strategic preparedness and response plan published in May.”

The “standing recommendations for covid-19” are in effect for all “States Parties” from 9 August 2023 until 30 April 2025, WHO states.

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