Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 14 August 2023

The Occult Meaning of Doja Cat’s “Paint the Town Red”

If you’ve been following this site, you’re probably aware of the fact that Doja Cat is one of the industry’s current “it girls”. Like the many others who preceded her (and the many others who will follow her), Doja Cat is currently profiting from an artificial, inorganic surge of media attention. This translates to magazine photoshoots, invitations to high-profile events such as the MET Gala, and lucrative contracts with companies such as Victoria’s Secret.

However, like the other “it girls”, Doja Cat’s success comes at a steep price: She must fully comply with the industry’s sick, satanic agenda while allowing herself to be reduced to the state of industry slave. Here are some examples taken from the last few months.

This is Doja Cat at the 2023 Balenciaga show. Yes, the same Balenciaga that released a disgusting pedophilic ad campaign. At the show, Doja had shaved and bleached hair which is a classic way of identifying MK slaves. Also, her makeup was purposely made to look as if she had a black eye and a bruised lip – a reference to the abuse of industry slaves.

Her 27th birthday party was a highly symbolic affair that was inspired by Eyes Wide Shut – a movie about elite sex rituals.

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