The footage shows men in dark hoodies and face masks ransacking the department store at Westfield Topanga Mall, even resorting to attacking security guards with bear spray.

Videos have rapidly circulated on social media, depicting the mob shattering display cases and grabbing high-end designer accessories, some still affixed with electronic security tags.

One of the thieves was even seen pulling a large metal display shelf behind him as he fled, with a luxury leather bag still affixed to it by a security tag.

The group sprinted to the door in an attempt to make swift exit from the store, securing as much merchandise as they can carry.

The thieves took off with thousands of dollars worth of luxury handbags and designer clothing, an LAPD spokesman told NBC News.

The group swarmed the store at around 4pm on Saturday, scooping up armfuls of items, some inadvertently dropping amid the chaos, as they maneuvered around shattered glass and overturned mannequins.

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