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Looks Like You’ve Had a Bit Too Much to Think, Sir

“How could my presence, standing here, possibly in any way, shape or form be considered harassment or intimidation?”

“It’s the praying that you’ve admitted to, Sir.”

Thou shalt not pray, it seems, has now become official dogma in Britain.

The exchange noted above took place on a cold November morning on a street in Birmingham, where Adam Smith–Connor – a father of two and an Afghanistan veteran – had stopped to pray. The street was within a so-called ‘buffer zone’ – really a censorship zone – imposed by the local council around an abortion facility. The zone bans the expression of any form of approval or disapproval of abortion, including through prayer, handing out leaflets, or crossing oneself.

Adam had been present in the zone, which covers several streets, for only a few minutes when he was approached by officers.

It wasn’t an out-of-the-ordinary activity for Adam. He had been volunteering near the abortion facility since 2019 as part of a group which prays and offers leaflets about charitable support available to women who express interest in finding alternative options to abortion. Removing the tribal spectacles of abortion politics that can warp our views of such measures, it’s not hard to view this as a noble cause. Almost one in five women who have an abortion in the U.K. do so against their will, according to the BBC. If women would like to avoid abortion if only they had financial, emotional or practical support, then it is right to supply these needs. This, surely, is the real ‘pro-choice’.

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