Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 13 August 2023

Biden Administration launches “HeatTracker” tool for tracking heat-related illnesses

The climate PsyOp is replacing the covid PsyOp and we are entering a phase when global “boiling” replaces “warming” – with all the advantages that offers for those running the show. 

Last week, The New York Times declared that climate change is going to end summer vacations.  But it gets worse.  On Wednesday, the White House unveiled an “EMS HeatTracker” to track heat-related illnesses.

n an article titled ‘Is This the End of the Summer Vacation as We Know It?’, The New York Times wrote: “For decades, science has confirmed that unabated climate change will cause more misery, more hardship and cost millions of lives in the years to come … Our relationship to travel has reached a tipping point.”

On Fox News, Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano reacted to The New York Times’ article:

“This is the covid PsyOp is ending, in terms of all their restrictions, and the climate PsyOp is beginning.

“This is The New York Times signalling that the ruling class is telling us that vacations are now a thing of the past. They’re trying to set our mindset to give up on vacations. And they’re giving up our freedom of movement.

“What The New York Times is claiming is that somehow people have to stay home, and it is literally in the article, [suggesting] people need to huddle around their air conditioners at home because the weather is too extreme – because our previous travel has made the earth uninhabitable. This is insane, unscientific, silly.”

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