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Was ‘Covid’ A Global Military Coup? Yes, because the military answers to the Cult

When President Trump announced “Operation Warp Speed” on 5/15/20, he said we were “at war with an invisible enemy” and pointed out that nothing like his response to COVID had been done since World War II! Secretary of Defense Mark Esper promised to deliver COVID shots by the end of the year.

However, as CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta pointed out following the announcement, it usually takes years to develop and test a vaccine! See Shocking New Book Shows Epidemic of Sudden Deaths.

Unprecedented Operation Warp Speed

Trump appointed Gen. Gustave Perna to head Operation Warp Speed. However, he quickly disappeared — probably because many people wondered what the military had to do with health. It turns out that the US military was controlling the COVID policies from behind the scenes! It has never been medical policy to quarantine asymptomatic people. Were the strange unprecedented massively detrimental lockdowns of healthy people  a form of martial law?

When President Trump announced in early 2020 that the military would lead Operation Warp Speed to rush out a vaccine for COVID, that struck me as EXTREMELY odd for several reasons, including:

1 – The CDC stats showed in early 2020 that COVID was little threat to anyone.

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