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Rob Schneider Questions 2 Billion GMO Mosquitoes Being Released By EPA – “I’m Sure Government & Bill Gates Have Our Best Interests In Mind”

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider shared an article announcing the EPA is set to release two billion GMO mosquitoes and questioned whether they’ll be injecting people with something when they “sting” people.

“What could go wrong with releasing 2 BILLION GMO mosquitoes?!” he joked on X. “When they bite people what exactly is going to be mosquito-injected into people? Don’t worry… I’m sure the Government and Bill Gates have our best interests in mind.”


The Children’s Health Defense (CHD) article Schneider posted explains, “GE mosquitoes created by biotechnology company Oxitec have been released in the U.S., even though the long-term effects could be disastrous.”

The mosquitoes have been released in California, Florida and Texas, with the two latter states recently seeing the first cases of locally acquired malaria in 20 years.

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According to CHD, “The Gates Foundation is heavily invested in the GMO (genetically modified organism) mosquito project, investing more than $30 million in Oxitec. Most of it — more than $20 million — is aimed at U.S. regions.”

Alex Jones and Infowars have been at the forefront of exposing the GMO mosquito science project dangerously tampering with nature.

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