• I have again heard that it has been suggested (I know not by whom) that the covid-19 vaccines should have been tested on elderly patients in care homes before being rolled out to the general population. This is, in my view, probably the stupidest and most immoral suggestion I’ve seen since the Spanish advocated giving smallpox infested blankets to the Native American Indians. Apart from the fact that it is quite unacceptable to use a cohort of patients as experimental material simply because you fancy the idea of doing so, the results would be worthless. Most elderly patients in care homes are ill (that’s why they’re in care homes) and are taking prescription medicines. The drugs they are taking would have made it impossible for observers to know if any side effects were a result of the ‘vaccine’, the drugs they were already on or an interaction between the vaccine and the prescription drugs already being ingested. Testing the covid-19 jab would have been very simple (as I suggested the minute the vaccination programme was mooted). If they insisted on going ahead with the unnecessary ‘vaccine’, the authorities should have prepared two cohorts of 20,000 matching, comparable patients. One group of volunteers should have been given the vaccine and the other group should have not been given the vaccine. All the observers had to do was to compare the results. However, it was not in the interests of those promoting the ‘vaccine’ to see whether it was effective or safe. And so my simple proposal was ignored. And the so-called ‘vaccine’ was given to everyone naive enough to bare their arm.
  • Over 40 years ago, in 1978, I wrote the first popular book on stress. Then in 1991 I invented the phrase ‘toxic stress’ to describe the type of external stress which affects us but which we cannot control. I wrote a book explaining how toxic stress develops, why it is different to ‘ordinary stress’, what external factors are responsible and, most important of all, how we can learn to protect ourselves against it. Toxic stress causes or exacerbates 90% of all illness. My book Toxic Stress and the 21st Century Blues explains everything you need to know.
  • Climate change started as a banker class scam and has become a hobby for masochistic middle class neoliberal eco-fascists looking for something about which they can feel guilty – and something for which they can blame other people. Surveys show that the only people who talk about climate change, and who believe in it, are middle class folk with too little money and too many pretensions. Most of them read The Guardian (which, because they are ill-informed, they regard as a newspaper) and watch or listen to the BBC (which they sadly regard as a broadcaster).
  • Britain’s best known war criminal Tony ‘Bliar’ says he thinks the ‘BBC is a great institution’. Well, he would, wouldn’t he? The BBC probably thinks Tony Blair is a great war criminal.

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