Posted by Dwayne Henry Posted on 11 August 2023

Why Do People Keep Falling For This? | Ep85 | David Icke Dot-Connector

This week on ‘The Dot Connector’ we delve into the intriguing world of green technologies and their unexpected, often ironic consequences on the environment and humanity. Our scientific exploration reveals a groundbreaking discovery: DNA manipulation through electrical signals, a concept visionary thinker David Icke wrote about over a decade ago. The implications of this knowledge are staggering, potentially altering the very fabric of our physical and psychological existence.

In a surprising twist, we witness the transformation of traditional survival skills, like abseiling and canoeing, as the Scouts embrace the vital lessons of equity, diversity, and inclusion. As the boundaries between science, society, and nature blur, ‘The Dot Connector’ continues to push the boundaries of understanding.

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