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What Heatwave? Latest Data Show July Temperature in U.S. was Normal

Lurid headlines about a ‘deadly’ heatwave in the U.S. last month pinned the blame on climate change and claimed that the warmth was just getting started. ‘Deadly US southwest heatwave will expand to cover much of America as warnings issued,’ cried Sky News.

Now the data are out, and the alarmist headlines are once again looking ridiculous. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has updated its U.S. Contiguous USCRN Average Temperature Anomaly Data through July 2023, and as shown below, the month was unremarkable and continued a long period without a rising trend.

Larry Hamlin at Watts Up With That? comments:

The measured data shows no supporting upward trends regarding U.S. 2023 average summer temperature anomalies to date. This reality flies in the face of the out-of-control media climate alarmist incompetent and idiotically hyped ‘tipping point’ climate change temperature propaganda this summer.

Globally, July 2023 was an unusually warm month, no doubt – though claims of it being the ‘hottest ever’ suffer from a multitude of dubious assumptions and data adjustments.

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Roy Spencer comments that the unusual warmth suggests “something peculiar is going on”.

It’s too early for the developing El Niño in the Pacific to have much effect on the tropospheric temperature record. The Hunga Tonga sub-surface ocean volcano eruption and its ‘unprecedented’ production of extra stratospheric water vapor could be to blame.

The Daily Sceptic‘s Chris Morrison discussed last week the possible role of the huge 2022 Hunga Tonga eruption. Anthony Watts goes into further detail about the eruption on his site.

But whatever the cause of the anomalous July global warmth, it was not reflected in the average temperature of the United States, which was nothing out of the ordinary and continues to show no recent rise.

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