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Spiritual Consequences of the Fake Covid Vaccines

Energy healers, massage therapists and craniosacral therapists in Germany, Switzerland and Austria have come together and pooled their experiences treating their vaccinated clients. They put it all in a book called Corona Vaccination from a Spiritual View (Corona Impfung aus Spiritueller Sicht, Auswirkung auf Seele und Geist und das nahtodliche Leben) by Thomas Mayer. So far, this book is only available in German. What follows is a summary of the findings from that book.

The therapists report that their clients have lost their connection to soul/ their higher self. They felt very heavy «C» energies as they call it. Therapists notice emotions of sadness coming from the patient, also blockages that feel like a rejection of the treatment and sticky tissues when massaging them. Patients who had benefitted from Eurythmic treatments no longer benefit, they feel nothing.  Craniosacral therapists no longer feel the craniosacral rhythm; the head feels empty, the brain including the pituitary gland feel shriveled up. The therapist’s arms hurt after doing the treatment. The therapists sense as if a dark being is lying on top of the patient, almost strangulating, blocking all functions, causing stagnation; tissues are not able to vibrate, are not movable.  Massage therapists report stuck tissues, a coldness. They said they felt as if they were massaging a corps. The faces of patients seem bloated, mask like. The eyes seem to be in a rigid stare. What is missing is what wants to shine through.

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