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Italian researchers find ‘Covid’ fake vaccine myocarditis relapses in teenage boys following apparently complete initial recovery

Two teenage boys who suffered heart inflammation following Pfizer’s Covid jabs and they seemed to recover, but went on to have relapses months later, Italian researchers (source).

“The mRNA shots are the gift that keeps on giving, At best, we may be monitoring a lot of teens and young adults for heart damage for a long, long time. says independent journalist Alex Berenson on Substack.

Alex reported in the following article:

Both teenagers showed evidence of new heart damage from the recurrences, including high levels of proteins from injured cardiac muscle. Scans showed one boy had new lesions in his heart wall, and he needed nearly two weeks of hospitalization.

The researchers could not determine why the boys suffered the relapses, which came 8 to 12 months after the initial myocarditis episodes. They called for tighter monitoring of anyone diagnosed with mRNA-caused myocarditis – and more research to determine if young people who suffered it might face severe future complications.

Published in late May in the journal Vaccine: X, the paper appears to be the first case report showing mRNA jabs can cause recurring myocarditis or inflammation of the heart. But public health authorities and the media, which since 2021 have played down cardiac side effects from mRNA shots, have ignored it.

Myocarditis has many causes, including viral infection and mRNA Covid vaccination. It is often diagnosed when people go to emergency rooms with chest pain but can also occur without symptoms, causing people to have cardiac damage that is clear on heart scans or in blood tests but does not cause pain or fever.

Studies have shown myocarditis requiring hospitalization may occur in as many as 1 in 3,000 teenage boys or young adult men who receive a Covid jab, with the highest risk after the second dose. Many studies show Moderna’s shot, which has more mRNA than Pfizer’s, has a higher risk.

The underlying reason that the mRNAs cause myocarditis – and why it seems to affect young men more than anyone else – remains a mystery. Researchers have proposed many different mechanisms, including direct damage from the spike protein the mRNA shots cause the body to make, immune system antibodies that mistakenly attack heart tissue instead of the spikes, or a more generalized immune system overresponse.

So far they have not settled on a definite answer. — (Relapsing myocarditis. That’s not good, right?)

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