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‘Disease X’ Was Rehearsed at ‘Clade X’

We are hearing that UK scientists have begun developing vaccines as an “insurance against a new pandemic caused by an unknown “Disease X”. In the same way as COVID-19 was rehearsed at Event 201, It would seem that Disease X” was also rehearsed at “Clade X”. Could it be that we are being prepared for a new plandemic?

Sky News reported yesterday that “Disease X” is an “unidentified and potential future pandemic and that there is a team of more than 200 scientists from the UK carrying out work to prepare for it.

The State-of-the-Art Vaccine Research Facility
The scientists are at the government’s high-security, state-of-the-art vaccine research facility, Porton Down laboratory complex near Salisbury Wiltshire which is run by the UK Health Security Agency who “have drawn up” what they say are “a threat list of animal viruses that are capable of infecting humans.”

The Independent also reported that “scientists will work to ensure future pandemics are stopped in their tracks and do not cause the same disruption to everyday life as “Covid-19” however, “It is also hoped the facility will help the UK tackle “disease X” by enhancing preparedness for yet-to-be-identified pathogens with pandemic potential.”

The UKHSA – Preparing in Advance
Yet, they seem to know that the unidentified virus could “spread rapidly around the world, in the future”. We are being told that “They have no idea as to which one of them will “breakthrough” and “trigger” the next pandemic, which is why it’s referred to only as “Disease X”, according to Sky News.

Professor Dame Jenny Harries, the head of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), (from COVID fame) told Sky News: “What we’re trying to do here is ensure that we prepare so that if we have a new Disease X, a new pathogen, we have done as much of that work in advance as possible.

She adds “Hopefully we can prevent it [a pandemic]. But if we can’t and we have to respond, then we have already started developing vaccines and therapeutics to crack it.” (source).

However, it appears they have lots of time to prepare for “Disease X” as they have been planning for it at least since 2018.

Tabletop Exercises
We all know that COVID had a rehearsal within the tabletop exercise named Event 201 Pandemic Exercise. The exercise was conducted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF) back in 2019.

Well, “Disease X” too was rehearsed, and even before that, this time the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted the Clade X pandemic tabletop exercise on May 15, 2018, in Washington, DC.

At the Clade X event, the US National Security Advisor (NSA) assembled a team of top advisors to discuss the mysterious illness emerging in Germany and Venezuela.

The Purpose According to the Center for Health Security.
The Center for Health Security claimed that purpose of the exercise was “to illustrate high-level strategic decisions and policies that the United States and the world will need to pursue in order to prevent a pandemic or diminish its consequences should prevention fail.”

Adding that “faced with a rapidly evolving biological threat landscape, government leaders in the United States and abroad are eager to identify long-term policy commitments that will strengthen preparedness and mitigate risk.” Clade X is said to have “illustrated high-level strategic decisions and policies needed to prevent a severe pandemic or diminish its consequences should prevention fail.” and “will educate senior leaders at the highest level of the US government, as well as members of the global policy and preparedness community and the general public”

The organisers claim that “In addition, exercises like Clade X are a particularly effective way to help policymakers gain a fuller understanding of the urgent challenges they could face in a dynamic, real-world crisis.”

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