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Scottish Government Approved Cutting of Almost 16 Million Trees (So Far) for Wind Turbines

Stupidity is increasingly state-sanctioned…

Since 2000, the Scottish government has felled around 1,700 trees on a daily basis, all to make way for “green” initiatives. Leave it to the government and their leftist abettors to harp on the “destruction of the environment” then chop down literal trees to create barren wastelands—all to make room for obtrusive, industrial, inanimate behemoths that obliterate all sorts of animal populations, and create massive amounts of environmental pollution (in production, maintenance, and disposal).

According to an article by Frank Bergman and posted to Slay News yesterday, the Scottish government’s scheme of systematic deforestation was implemented to “meet the goals” of the climate agenda. Is that not one of the most ludicrous and asinine things you’ve ever heard? Or perhaps, the move is right in line with the climate agenda, because the goal isn’t environmentalism… but rather communistic destruction?

From Bergman:

A Scottish government official has admitted that almost 16 million trees have been cut down in Scotland to make way for ‘green energy’ farms.

The trees were growing on public land and were chopped down so the land could be used for wind turbines.

The admission was made by Scotland’s Rural Affairs Secretary Mairi Gougeon, a member of the ruling left-wing Scottish National Party (SNP).

She estimated that 15.7 million trees had been cut down since 2000 on land currently managed by Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS).

Bergman also reported that Gougeon said:

‘Where woodland is removed in association with development, developers will generally be expected to provide compensatory planting in order to avoid a net loss of woodland.’

“Generally”? Seems rather vague and subjective; unsurprisingly, “No information has yet been provided regarding any trees that were ‘replanted,’ however.”

Whenever I read stories like this, a particular Office episode in which Stanley Hudson unleashes on Michael Scott comes to mind; the tirade begins like this:

You are out of your d—, little pea-sized, mind. What is wrong with you? Do you have any sense? At all?

Every day you do something stupider than you did the day before.

Stanley concludes his outburst by calling Michael a “professional idiot,” and that right there, once again, is why the scene sticks out when I read about certain government initiatives and actions, and its enforcers. These people are truly professional idiots, sanctioned by the State, and there’s no end in sight.

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