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Solutions for Graphene and Toxic Metal Damage due to the Covid Jabs

In my last post I wrote about other substances in the Covid jabs causing damage.
To recap, Graphene causes:

– Destruction to cell membranes and thus most organ tissues as well as mitochondria.
– Massive free radical damage, depletes the body’s antioxidant system Glutathione and SOD (Sodium Oxide Dismutase)
– Causes massive inflammation via the cytokines Interleukin 6 and 12, Tumor
Necrosis Factor alpha (TNFa), Nuclear Factor Kappa Beta (NFkb).
– Fragments Chromosomes and DNA

Toxic metals cause:
– Displacement of essential minerals, thus blocking important metabolic pathways
– Damage to cell membranes and mitochondria

What can be done about these*?

The first step is to remove the damaging agents. For both, Graphene and toxic metals, as well as Lipid Nano Particles LNP (Hydrogels), Dr. Ana-Maria Mihalcea PhD, MD has found that EDTA chelation works very well to remove these. She has done extensive pre-and post-chelation therapy testing of blood under dark field microscopy and found the normalization of red blood cells (free flowing, no longer clumping) and vanishing of Graphene and Hydrogel particles. Chelation has been used to remove toxic metals for nearly 100 years. It is also a treatment for snake bites. I recommend you subscribe to her Substack page:

The most effective way to do EDTA chelation is by infusion. There are doctors specialized in this treatment. They can be found on,,  and in Central Europe on, and

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