Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 6 August 2023

Corporate ‘journalists’ have become experts at disinformation ‘journalism’

As independent experts dismantle the official covid pandemic narrative, corporate “experts” try to resurrect it and corporate media warns “covid is on the rise.”

We can only guess corporate media has been instructed to nudge the public for another round, or two, of known to be harmful genetic “vaccines.”

Corporate journalists doggedly disregard the ever-increasing and now overwhelming evidence of harm, just one or two of which are mentioned below.  Disinformation journalism is one of the most toxic editorial developments in the media.

Dismantling the covid pandemic and mRNA “vaccine” narratives: Did we actually have a lethal pandemic of a novel spreading virus? How “safe and effective” are the mRNA “vaccines”? Dr. Ahmad Malik and Jonathan Engler discussed these questions in a recent podcast.  The discussion also covered topics such as the overuse of midazolam and opiates, large falls in the use of antibiotics, the use of face masks and much more.

After comprehensive research, Engler concludes: “The evidence suggests that there was no pandemic in 2020, by any reasonable definition of that word. All the harm observed since spring 2020 was caused by the dystopian response to the perceived threat, including the rollout of a number of “vaccines” which were neither safe nor effective.”

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