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‘UFO whistleblower’ lawyer is former Obama Inspector General of the US Intelligence Community

Former high-ranking intelligence official David Grusch has made waves all summer, charging in public and classified settings that the US government has hidden crashed non-human spacecraft from both the public and, illegally, from Congress.

Grusch added to his sworn testimony and classified whistleblower complaint in a new interview with BBC radio Thursday — describing his claims of a classified UFO reverse-engineering program and UFO-related deaths as ‘an act of truth to power.’

He warned that America’s alleged top secret UFO portfolio opens ‘a Pandora’s Box for potential military weapons development-type reverse engineering activities.’

And, for the first time, Grusch’s attorney in his active whistleblower complaint, Charles McCullough, also came forward to speak publicly on his client’s allegations.

McCullough, the former Inspector General of the US Intelligence Community (ICIG) appointed by President Obama in 2011, told BBC radio that Congress needs more information on UFOs ‘to properly oversee things going on in the executive branch.’

While Grusch has asserted he has ‘firsthand access’ to some evidence in support of his claims, neither Grusch nor McCullough has said that the UFO whistleblower has seen crashed craft or recovered ‘non-human intelligences’ with his own eyes.


‘Our government relies on congressional oversight, the checks and balances of congressional oversight,’ McCullough told BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight this past Thursday.

‘David’s allegation, at its base, is essentially that Congress does not have access to the information it needs to properly oversee things going on in the executive branch,’ McCullough said.

McCullough — who served as Obama’s top legal watchdog over America’s spy agencies, after a decade with the FBI — also confirmed that his client Grusch did, in fact, brief both House and Senate intelligence committees behind closed doors.

‘He’s briefed both of the intel committees,’ McCullough told BBC radio, ‘and he’s had a two-hour hearing with two-hours of testimony last week.’

And the intelligence committees appear to have taken Grusch’s testimony quite seriously.

Last month, Senate intel member Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Senate majority leader, in partnership with Republican Senators Marco Rubio of Florida and Mike Rounds of South Dakota, led efforts to appoint a nine-member review panel to assess all classified government records on UFOs.

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