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Next On the Agenda Towards Totalitarianism … Climate Lockdowns

As early as February 2020 The Lancet published a review of 24 studies documenting the impact of lockdowns. The study concluded that enforced separation from loved ones, the loss of freedom, etc can create dramatic effects from anger and lost income to psychological stress, such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and suicide. Effects were found to have continued long after the actual lockdown with reports of post-traumatic stress.

Despite knowing the adverse risks, our government still proceeded to lock us down and inflict these harms on the population in what has been termed “the largest psychological experiment ever conducted.”

Now the results are evident and match those from the Lancet studies, with many individuals still suffering the effects years later. Regardless of the obvious harms of this perverse intervention, there are plans to do it again, this time in the name of “Climate lockdowns” which is explained by journalist Ethan Huff in the following article published originally in Natural News.

Is the WHO planning to unleash climate lockdowns as the next “pandemic?”

Now that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) scamdemic is over, the World Health Organization (WHO) is busy plotting its next tyrannical scheme in the form of another round of lockdowns, this time to stop “climate change.”

Newly proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs) and the so-called Pandemic Treaty both incorporate what is known as the “One Health” approach. The One Health scheme will grant the WHO absolute “power” to initiate “climate lockdowns” at such a time that “global warming” is determined to be too much of a threat to ignore.

“While vague and confusing, the language of the One Health scam is a tool to create networks and combine efforts toward centralizing power and control, which is always the goal of all masters everywhere,” reported Mac Slavo in the Discern Report.

“Once that central power has been achieved then similar measures that were imposed in response to the COVID plandemic can be used for climate change, loss of biodiversity, human diseases, vector-borne diseases, and much more.”

The next global lockdown will be the lockdown of all lockdowns

The next round of lockdowns to be overseen by the WHO will be much worse than the covid lockdowns. WHO head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus will be able to wield unrestrained authoritarian tyranny on everyone all around the globe, forcing people to stay inside and “stay safe” indefinitely.

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