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Fauci’s Boss Throws Him Under the Bus

On July 28th, 2023, Weekend Australian Magazine published a bombshell report based on an exclusive interview with Dr. Robert (Bob) Kadlec, the HHS Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) who served under Donald Trump. Basically, the subtext of the interview can be summarised as “it was all Tony’s fault, not mine”. To many readers this may seem like just more Washington DC kabuki theatre with a side order of limited hangout (much like the prior Vanity Fair article in which Kadlec provided a generous scoop of spin with a topping of CYA). Personally, I find this whole ‘inside the beltway’ rush to deflect blame for the gross ‘public health’ mismanagement and rampant lying during the Covid crisis slightly amusing, in a twisted sort of way, but definitely popcorn worthy.

Here is the breathless title:

Covid Cover-Up:

How the science was silenced. Anthony Fauci deliberately downplayed suspicions from scientists that COVID-19 came from a lab to protect his reputation and deflect from risky research his agency had funded, his boss says.

By Sharri Markson

Ms. Markson’s report on her exclusive can be found here (behind a paywall).

Now at one level, my initial reaction to this was “verry interresting” (a reference to an iconic Arte Johnson character in the weekly ‘60s TV comedy series Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, for those not old enough to remember). The typical tag line to the skit being “but stupid”.

Particularly intriguing (to me at least) was that this interview was provided to an Australian journalist and her Weekend Australian Magazine editors rather than the usual U.S. corporate media propaganda outlets.

Before we dive into the substance of the accusations thrown and assertions made by Dr. Kadlec regarding his longstanding close colleague Dr. Fauci, allow me a moment to introduce Dr. Kadlec, who is one particularly stereotypical example of the deep state intelligence community denizens who have haunted (and directed) the U.S. ‘biodefence’ enterprise for decades. Please see Head of the Hydra: The Rise of Robert Kadlec printed by The Last American Vagabond for more salacious details.

The only U.S. biodefence/biowarfare expert even more stereotypical that Dr. Kadlec who I have encountered during my brief career in that sector was (now deceased) Major General (Ret) Philip K. Russell, Founding Director of the Sabin Institute. Both notorious and legendary for his congressional testimony supporting up-funding the military/industrial biodefence enterprise by adapting the phrase “bridging the valley of death” as justification for funding public-private partnerships in this area, Phil knew where all the bodies were buried and what buttons to push to activate programmatic funding. WRAIR Commander and then Hopkins Professor. But I digress.

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