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Dr Ana Maria Mihalcea: Just like Pfizer’s ‘Covid’ fake vaccine, quantum dots in long-acting insulin are assembling ‘rubbery blood clots’ made of hydrogel

Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea has been analysing long-acting insulin and what she has found is shocking.  One of her patients recently suffered from congestive heart failure and now he is wondering if the insulin he injects himself to treat his diabetes has caused it.

“I recently found out that my insulin has AI self-assembling technology in it. I am basically getting [covid] bioweapon injections against my will. This was apparently discovered in other people’s insulin too. Ana Mihalcea, M.SD., PhD has analysed my Lantus and Humalog insulin. Using darkfield microscopy Dr. Mihalcea documents the AI self-assembly occurring in the insulin in this video,” Joseph Sansone wrote and linked the video below.


In the video above, Dr. Mihalcea began by highlighting that Lantus long-acting insulin is made by Sanofi.  In 2012, Sanofi opened a plant in China to produce its pre-filled insulin injection pen Lantus SoloSTAR.  Sanofi has also been involved in the manufacture of mRNA covid injections, producing 100 million doses for Pfizer-BioNTech.

“It’s long been known that advanced hydrogels are being used for the controlled delivery of insulin,” Dr. Mihalcea said.

Hydrogel is a programmable substance that can self-assemble from nanoscale to centimetres in size within minutes.  Quoting from an article published in the journal Pharmaceutics, “hydrogels can mimic the extracellular matrix,” she explained that this means the extracellular space in our bodies can be mimicked by this hydrogel. Continuing with the quote from the article, “and retain large quantities of water with tuneable properties,” Dr. Mihalcea said that “tuneable properties” could also be replaced with “programmable properties.”

The article continues: “Several studies have demonstrated the fixation of insulin within the structural mesh of hydrogels as a bio-scaffold for the controlled delivery of insulin.”  The reason why the wording in this article is so important, Dr. Mihalcea explained, is because “the structural mesh is exactly what has been showing up in people’s live blood … these are polymers like polyethylene glycol and other derivatives … so this mesh is clearly visible in the live blood … it’s important to have this background for what I have seen for the Lantus insulin.” For more information about what Dr. Mihalcea has found in blood samples, you can watch her video ‘Evidence of Crimes Against Humanity – Darkfield Blood MicroscopyHERE.

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